Legends Mentoring Program

Through Legends Mentoring Program (LMP), Jake’s House provides personal support and social opportunities to individuals with autism. Paired with caring mentors, individuals with autism—or the mentees—gain a personal advocate to understand, encourage and guide them. Mentors and mentees spend regular, quality time together, developing relationships and sharing experiences that truly reward and can transform both sides.

Jake’s House offers three models of Legends Mentoring Program:

Group mentoring in the community | sign up for a workshop

One-on-one mentoring in the community | contact us to learn more

Employment mentoring in the workplace | contact us to learn more

Individuals with autism and their mentors create legendary stories together.

By spending quality time together, individuals with autism and mentors share meaningful experiences and build relationships that truly reward both sides. Through this sort of personalized mentorship, they often engage in impactful ways, which can lead to a sense of inclusion and improved social experiences. Further, caregivers of these children may also benefit from the regular respite.

Legends Mentoring Program has three models. The one-on-one and group mentoring sessions in the community are supported by the Government of Ontario. The employment mentoring program in the workplace is supported by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

A Collaboration

Jake’s House brings you Legends Mentoring Program through the support of the Government of Ontario. For more on our collaboration, read Ontario’s new release.

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