Our mission is to provide meaningful support to children and families living with autism across Canada.


We are a circle of friends and family, welcoming all to join. Together with our diverse community, we give everyone a place to belong and we make Jake’s House a home.


Caring and compassionate, we respect difference and empathize with families affected by autism—and we encourage others to be aware, accepting and inclusive.


We are committed to providing social solutions that make a difference in families’ daily lives, as well as to developing a long-term support system for a better future.


We empower others to realize their strength and their potential. Inspiring hope through help, we open doors to new opportunities and we build a place of promise.

Jake’s House Initiatives

Jake’s House is a community that understands and cares, providing practical help and lasting hope to families living with autism. We mobilize support across Canada and make social impact through three main initiatives.

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Community Programming

Our core initiative Legends Mentoring Program provides one-on-one support to individuals with autism. Paired with caring mentors, they gain a personal advocate to understand, encourage and guide them, leading to improved social interactions and a greater sense of inclusion. Currently offered to children, we are now expanding to adults during key life transition periods.

Community Events

Jake’s House hosts fun, interactive events, designed to bring the autism community together and empower guests to socialize in safe and entertaining environments. Our signature event, the annual Holiday Party, has been welcoming and spreading joy amongst hundreds of families for 14 years. Currently hosted in Toronto and Ottawa, we are expanding to more cities across Canada.

younger hands kindly holding an elder man's hands in support

Inclusive Living

Jake’s House is addressing the housing gap for Canadians with autism. Currently in development in collaboration with community partners from multiple sectors, our solutions will make a range of needed supports accessible, ensuring individuals’ unique needs are met. Soon, Jake’s House will be offering those who need it a place to call home.

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