Students Leading the Way

On May 2nd, St. Francis Xavier Catholic School hosted an assembly to wrap a month of student-led autism awareness raising, including fundraisers and events.

Inspired by the initiatives the enthusiastic, driven students organized, Kaitlyn congratulated them on their efforts, and spoke about how small acts of kindness can truly make a legendary difference, how a little compassion can go a long way.

Everton shared some of the Jake’s House story, explaining that because families affected by autism are often alienated and parents worry about their children being left out or not having friends, they need a welcoming, understanding and supportive community. He was deeply touched when the students then handed him a $1200 donation–funds they independently raised throughout World Autism Awareness Month.

Thank you, Xavier students, for all you do for autism and the greater community. Jake’s House is built on having a strong grassroots support system-and we’re so proud that you’re a part of the family.

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