Our Time to Shine Fundraising Campaign


In support of Jake’s House families and all of our current events and programs, Jake’s House launched “Our Time To Shine”, with a fundraising goal of 3 million over the next 3 years. Our Time To Shine represents the very best of Jake’s House – It is all of us – working with all of you.

Your fundraising efforts go towards Jake’s House events and programs throughout 2022 and beyond.


Impact Goals

Holiday Parties

Host 3+ holiday parties in major Canadian cities each year

New Volunteers

Welcome 5000 new volunteers into Jake’s House

Program & Service Growth

Raise $1MM to support the growth of programs & services

Serve Children & Family

Serve 6500 children & family members affected by autism

The Jake’s House Story

The Jake’s House family has grown over the years. We’re now supporting 4600 individuals with ASD; and by extension, 18,500 family members affected by ASD. We’ve hosted over 70 events, and we’ve been blessed with help from 17,500 volunteers. When you connect with us, you have a family forever in Jake’s House. #GiveALittle4Jake

In 2004,

it began with five people:
the Bodanis family.


Jake’s House has 36,000 family members.

Achieved Community Impact 2021-2022


Individuals with ASD Supported


Volunteers Joined Jake’s House


Family Members Affected by ASD Supported

Projected Community Impact 2022-2023


Individuals With ASD To Be Supported


Volunteers to Join Jake’s House


Family Members Affected By ASD To Be Supported

Thank You to Our Partners

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