Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign

We’re thrilled to share the incredible success of our 2023 Smile Cookie Campaign with Tim Hortons Lucan! Thanks to your support, 5,531 Smile Cookies were sold during this week-long campaign, and half of the proceeds will contribute to Jake’s House Community Residences (a total of $4,147).

What makes this campaign even more special is that throughout the week, some of our residents lent their creative touch to designing these delightful cookies.

The community’s generosity is more than just a number; it’s a meaningful contribution to individuals with autism and/or developmental disabilities—we can’t thank you enough!

Another huge thank you goes to Tim Hortons and the entire Lucan location staff for their support in helping Jake’s House accomplish this achievement! It’s partnerships like these that remind us of the power of the community coming together to make a positive impact.

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