Farha Khan

Manager of Community Engagement, Jake's House
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Farha Khan

Generous with her energy, time and kindness, Farha has dedicated her career to supporting non-profits, deepening their impacts in communities around the world. Farha’s professional life began focused on addressing humanitarian issues in the U.S. and Asia—specifically issues of hunger and poverty, food security, agriculture, natural resources, nutrition and policy analysis—as she held communications and administration roles at the International Food Policy Research Institute; World Fish; and Action Contre La Faim.

During this time, Farha made many great contributions to each organizations’ causes; and in 2009, as a young leader, Farha was selected to be the first Bangladeshi Woman to join the UN Youth Assembly at the United Nations, with the mandate to tackle ground-breaking solutions and foster real action for sustainable development. In 2017, after years of working for the International Food Policy Research Institute in both Toronto and Washington, Farha rooted herself in Toronto and began working for Sick Kids, where she supported six doctors and two senior managers, including the Head of Microbiology and Hematopathology.

Throughout her professional history, Farha has gained diverse experience in the non-profit sector, ranging from advocacy, project management and administration to recruitment, staffing and strategic management; from event planning and public relations to communications and creative content development. In addition to being highly skilled, she possesses a committed work ethic; an intuitive service mindset; and a genuine, caring attitude.

In 2019, Farha Khan joined the Jake’s House family as the Manager of Community Engagement—and she has been thriving in the role since. Her non-profit experience and vast skill set, coupled with her empathetic heart and welcoming personality, have brought tremendous value to the charity. Understanding, patient and positive, Farha is the first voice the Jake’s House families hear when they call—and she makes them feel at home every time.

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