Legend of Distinction Celebration Day

The Jake’s House Leadership Network gathered to celebrate the power of philanthropy and community, as we feted our inaugural Legend of Distinction: Superintendent Ron Taverner.

The Honour | Legend of Distinction

This honour recognizes an individual who has made a significant impact on the advancement of the Jake’s House mission—to provide meaningful support to Canadian families living with autism. We are paying tribute to a passionate leader with an unwavering commitment to giving back and an unparalleled conviction to create positive change in our community: Superintendent Ron Taverner.

The Recipient | Superintendent Ron Taverner

Currently in his 51st year with the Toronto Police Service, Superintendent Ron Taverner has earned the respect and trust of the public and of officials over his five decades of service, and has received numerous awards, including the Medal of Merit from the Governor General of Canada in 2009.

Ron is also an active participant in several charitable organizations, including Jake’s House. He has been a part of the Jake’s House family since it was founded in 2004, offering help any way he could along the way—from supporting every event Jake’s House has hosted to introducing us to countless supporters. Ron is a community builder, and this is something Jake’s House values above all else.

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