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Jake’s House Employment Mentoring is designed to support young adults with autism throughout the transition into the workforce by facilitating short-term job placements at a variety of businesses. Ensuring candidates are set up for success and feel supported throughout the term of their placements, they are paired with caring mentors who help them navigate the workplace. A fellow employee at the business, the mentor guides and encourages the candidate, sharing their skills, experience and knowledge.

The mentor also receives opportunities to learn unique perspectives and new ways of communicating; interacting with someone who thinks differently in this way can lead to greater understanding, creative problem-solving and innovation. Further, by engaging in these mutually rewarding relationships, mentors can gain a sense of achieving greater impact and fulfillment in their professional career and be motivated by being an active part of a vibrant workplace culture.

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A Collaboration

Jake’s House Employment Mentoring is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, and is delivered through a collaboration with Specialisterne Canada. To learn more about this support, click here.

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