An Innovative Recruitment Strategy

Leveraging a proven recruitment method relied upon by some of Canada’s leading employers, Jake’s House Employment Mentoring connects businesses with well qualified candidates on the autism spectrum. By accessing this talent pool that is often overlooked in traditional recruitment practices, employers are empowered to grow strong, diverse and inclusive workforces.

Through a rigorous candidate selection and onboarding process and ongoing job coaching, we facilitate short-term paid job placements, which double as extended interviews. Allowing employers to evaluate a candidate’s competencies and fit on the job over at least three months, this a low-risk approach that inspires confident hiring decisions.

Similarly, the young adults with autism employed through this program receive fair opportunity to demonstrate their strengths, and to thrive under the guidance of an internal mentor. They also get the chance to develop employable skills, as well as refine transferable social skills, gain confidence and independence, and experience a fuller sense of belonging and purpose.


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A Collaboration

Jake’s House Employment Mentoring is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, and is delivered through a collaboration with Specialisterne Canada. To learn more about this support, click here.

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